Baltonsborough Road Races

31 August 2020

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Baltonsborough Charity Christmas Pudding Race 2020


We regret to announce that the August 2020 Baltonsborough Road Races have had to be cancelled, due to Covid 19.


Although it may be that, come the scheduled race date, it would have been possible to hold the event, a "go/no go" decision has, for logistical reasons, had to be made while we are still in lock-down. Accordingly, unfortunately we have had no option but to cancel this year's event.


We look forward to welcoming you again for the 2021 August road races, or hopefully seeing you before then at our inaugural charity "Christmas Pudding" race in December 2020.


Kay (June 2020).

August 2020 Races Cancelled, but December 2020 Race still on


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August 2020 Races ... off ...

... but December 2020 Race ... on ...

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